Dragons are part of some countries’ culture, originating from the Chinese cultural perspective and imported to Japan. Naturally, these creatures would be more popular in their place of origin but to say that dragons are not popular in Japan is wrong as you see their images everywhere. They are fascinated by dragons for the same reasons that a lot of people are. They are prevalent in fantasy books as being majestic creatures, full of power, and fearing none.

Like in China, dragons also used to be dominant. People back then were so obsessed with any dragon that they worship them. They draw pictures and act out. Dragons, for them, is a wise creature, as a God. But of course, modern science came about, and people prefer to call these dragons “legends” instead. But still, the dragon dance or the lion dance is a simple tradition that is still upheld.

Dragons are fascinating because of their symbology. It can represent a lot of things, and they are beautiful creatures depending on the culture and how they are depicted. They can be a symbol of fear, power, evil, and destruction. They are often a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, light, and life. They are powerful in battle, offensively due to fire breath, and defensively due to their supposed magical and usually indestructible hide and wings. Dragon blood is said to be magical and has many uses. They are considered highly intelligent and downright philosophical in my books, unlike the feral beast or other creatures from the past. They are whimsical, said to be bored easily, inspired awe, and feared among all living creatures because of their serpentine appearance.

The image and idea of a dragon is something powerful. It gives a sensation of respect or intimidation depending on its purpose. I think that’s why our culture has been fascinated with dragons for so many generations through history. If we talk about human culture, dragons are a part of it, and they cannot be left aside. You just have to be included as part of our culture, generally speaking for humanity itself.

Dragons, I think, have a massive footprint on our consciousness for a reason. During the Judeo Christian background, the concept of a smart, dangerous lizard may harken back to the creation story of genesis and the serpent who tricked eve. But even outside of that background, other cultures have similar tales, pendragons, or similar creatures. So, the concept of dragons have interested us as a species for Millenia. As to why? Well, western dragons are variously depicted as being of an animal to human intelligence, but almost uniformly hexahedral -4legs, two wings, and breathing fire. That’s a pretty frightening sight from recent depictions in movies Eragon, TV series Game of Thrones, and many others have illustrated vividly.

Honestly, I can’t say that people like dragons, but I can say what I like about them.



Dragons are free to do whatever they want. They can soar the skies, and they can own it when they do. Who can compete with a dragon? They are kings and queens wherever they find themselves.


Dragons are massive, incredible beings that can tear almost anything to shreds, and they are not and cannot be held down by the law of men.


If you yearn for a land full of myth and magic, it is where those dragons live. I think everyone has some amount of yearning for even just a little bit of magic.


Dragons have pure soul and heart and all true to their purpose. They do not connive and betray or lie to themselves about how they are. They are a realist who knows they are masters of their domains


Even if our technology and science become so advanced in the future, there will always be the question of, ”Can we create a real dragon now?”

What are your thoughts about it? Let us know how you feel regarding this topic. We would be delighted to hear your opinion.