If I am going to ask you how you will rate your trust in your judgment, qualities, and abilities, how will you rate yourself 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest? Regardless of what grade you give yourself, you will be able to gauge your self-confidence. It must be noted, though, that having self-confidence at a healthy level can contribute to both professional and personal successes.

The benefits of self-confidence tick many boxes of your goals--regardless if it is personal or professional. This is so since you can try new things without the fear of doing so. It can be in the form of applying for a promotion or doing something that you would like to learn for quite a long time.

Fortunately, there are fool-proof ways on how one can boost their self-confidence for them to soar greater heights and do more things than anyone else.

You Are Your Only Competition

If there is one thing that we must learn and practice each day, we must never compare ourselves to anyone. And that we must remember that our only competition is ourselves. But this is easier said than done.

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between how you feel about yourself and the envy that you might be feeling towards other people. When a person is envious, they also feel less comfortable about themselves. To make everything worse, it can be a vicious cycle that can happen in the long run.

Thus, be always in the lookout when you feel the urge to compare your attributes, achievements, skills, possessions, and wealth to other people. When it happens, be a constant reminder to yourself that it will not do any good to you. There is no competition in the first place. If there is, you are only competing with yourself.

Invest In Your Physical Health

It is ironic to feel good about yourself when you are not in good shape. In the long run, not engaging in exercise, eating junk food and unhealthy meals, and depriving yourself of sleep will take a toll. Research would even prove that physical activity is a variable for a confidence boost. Hence, make it a point that your health is always on top of your priority. When you feel that your body is at its best, then confidence will naturally follow.

Observe Self-Compassion

It has been said that nobody is perfect. It is a profound truth that we all must remind ourselves. By being kind to ourselves when we commit a mistake or experience failure and setbacks, we show compassion to ourselves. When we do otherwise, like talking to ourselves harshly, we are also demotivating ourselves to do better next time. You are the only one who can help yourself. But if you are self-sabotaging to become better because of mistakes and failures, you are just pushing yourself down the dirt.

Honor Self-Doubt But At Least Try

There are times that we put things off for another time because we do not have the confidence to push through it. Some of these include going to a promotion or asking someone for a date. It is normal to feel scared at first with a vague future. But the scarier part is not even trying and thinking and regretting the "what could have been" if you at least tried. You might feel that it is better to plunge into the unknown when you are 100% confident. But trust me, it would not happen if you do not set foot on things and test the waters.

So, tell us what you do to boost your self-confidence. Are there even more things we didn't mention? Write them down in the comments.