Let’s face it, sooner or later, the golden era of YouTube will lose its glory and appeal (nothing’s permanent!). The guidelines are changing, and it is becoming less and less profitable to become a YouTuber. This is why many content creators are starting to look for alternatives that they can profit from producing and uploading videos.

Still not satisfied with the recommended list of platforms you see online? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

  • Dailymotion
    The second biggest video sharing site around the world, Dailymotion, boasts more than three hundred million users, with 3.5 billion views every month. It has certain restrictions, yes, like limited video resolution and is less popular in the US region. Still, video creators can share any form of content anywhere, anytime, with several monetization options. Plus, it is easy to navigate as well as features professional video quality and relaxed rules than YouTube.
  • TikTok
    The most popular video platform these days, TikTok, is specifically ideal for short-form content. You can upload vertical videos of up to 1080x1920 (9:16) max dimensions and fifteen seconds in length. The video size is restricted to 72MB for Android and up to 287.6MB for iOS. There are music, filters, and various features available.
  • Facebook
    This popular social media network is also one of the finest YouTube alternatives. Users can upload and share videos of any sort. Support tools such as tags and thumbnails are accessible to optimize the video. Just like YouTube, Facebook has live videos as well.
  • Vimeo
    Vimeo is a very creative and supportive community for creators. High-quality tools can be used to stream and share videos. There’s an extensive range of videos you can find here, from music to documentaries to independent films.
  • MetaCafe
    Similar to TikTok, MetaCafe is also known for providing short-form video content. It has a ninety-second video limit, yet the contents are high-quality. Users can cover an assortment of topics like wellness, product reviews, how-to videos, or others.
  • Veoh
    For customized and user-generated video content, Veoh might satisfy your preference. There is no time deadline. Users are allowed to upload the recording or even live broadcast their playing. What’s more, you can watch some of your favorite television shows with this site.
  • Twitch
    Twitch is easy yet fun for watching various content, including games. It has a massive number of content uploaders and gamers alike. Though you might experience quite slower streaming performance plus you cannot rewind the videos. But generally, it is a good alternative for YouTube creators. Anyone can get access to its excellent features for free.
  • Flickr
    It provides more than just uploading images. You can share your awesome videos here too. However, long videos are not accepted - just a 90-second upload limit (called long photos). Free users can upload two 90-seconder videos every month, while paid subscribers will be able to upload for as long and as many as they want for only $25.
  • DTube
    While a bit new in the market, DTube has already established itself as one of the top alternatives to YouTube. It has the same user interface. Browse over the homepage’s most trending, hottest, as well as the most-viewed videos, save videos, and upload your own content. The site is ad-free, and since it is a blockchain-based platform, you have the chance to earn cryptocurrency.
  • 9GAG TV
    It is an ideal go-to place for those looking for a video sharing platform that offers pure entertainment in the form of memes, GIFs, and images. 9GAG TV hosts a huge collection of engaging content, funny videos, and movie trailers.

Which of them are you eyeing to monetize your videos or simply want to share some entertainment or informative content? Are there other alternatives for video creators you want to share? Be part of the discussion below!