Wasps are beneficial in the environment as they pollinate flowers and control the growing population of pests, like caterpillars and greenfly, and must be respected and valued. Despite this, wasps are still maligned, and there are instances feared by many for their stinging abilities. It is felt that this pest can be a true nuisance if you’re trying to take pleasure in some alfresco dining. Doesn’t it always seem the moment you open the picnic basket, lots of wasps come buzzing around your drink and food?

Wasps Are Drawn to Sweet Drinks and Food

One myth is that this pest is just attracted to drink and food of the sweet type. This is only true at the end of summer, whereas they’re more fascinated by hunting insects to provide for their young at the beginning and the middle of the summer. Meaning, this pest tends to be drawn to the food/meat in your picnic instead of cake and carbonated sugar.

Cover Food to Steer Clear Wasps

If you want to keep away from a wasp, the best thing to do is cover your food. Keep caps and lids on, and as much as possible, never leave anything out and open if possible. If there are serving dishes on the table, cover food when all have been served. This will attract less of the black and yellow insects as they would not be drawn in by the stink.

If you fail to hide or cover the food, you can try utilizing a mesh cloche in order to keep them safe from this pest. Even if the wasps can smell it, they will not get into the food and eventually give up.

Do It Yourself Traps are not Reliable and Effective

Instead of being a certain practice to ensuring that wasps are avoided and diverted from picnic or food, do it yourself traps can have differing and conflicting effects and entice wasps toward you.

Put a Plate of Tuna Fish Away

Another best way to avoid wasps when picnicking, eating dinner outside, or barbecuing is to leave a plate of tuna fish or dog food at a distance away from your home to lure wasps away from where you wish to eat. With some luck, this will keep them from being drawn to your food.

Staying is Better than Waving for Hours

Some of us have perhaps heard this saying; on the other hand, it is a good option to keep still once a wasp is about instead of swiping or waving for many hours using your hands. This tiring and will ruin your picnic. Doing this will anger the wasps. According to experts, wasps will not categorize you as a risk once you keep still and tend to sting you once you are moving as well as flapping around.


Wasps are social insects, so once one finds a food source, anticipate others to come because they communicate with each other. According to experts, a smart way to keep this thing from taking place is to isolate the first wasp you see. You have to trap it under a glass or cup and leave it. Then when done eating, release the wasp.

So, instead of killing this important and vital pest, use your knowledge to assists them keep away from your food when picnicking or eating outside; this will give you a fun and peaceful experience.

Do you have any idea on how to keep away wasps from your food? If so, why not share your idea to us? I am hoping this article can help you in deterring wasps in your food.