So, if you want to explore these extraordinary sports that few people know, then you’re in the right article. It is because we will explore together these unusual sports which may also give more fun, excitement, and benefits to people. Here are the lists of the top 3 unfamiliar sports which few people know about:

  • Octopush – This subaquatic type of sports was originated in England in 1954. This sport helps British diving club members to stay active even during the winter. This sport is also known as underwater hockey, which bears a little resemblance to the aboveground but with some striking differences as well. First, the puck weighs 3 pounds so that it can smoothly glide at the bottom of the swimming pool. Second, don competitors snorkel masks and bring foot-long canes to launch an attack to the goal of the opposing team. As the Octopush is usually done underwater, the players can dive underwater and pass the puck to their teammates before they come up for air. This sport became popular than in England as it gives them extra joy and challenge during the whole game.

  • Chess boxing – Some of you may be puzzled enough as to how this sport is being done. This kind of sport was originated in Germany. Two competitors wear headphones and boxing attires, anticipating their succeeding chess moves on a table in the mid of the boxing ring. In this kind of confusing pastime, every opponent spar physically and mentally in eleven alternating rounds of boxing and chess. This sport has limitless competitive events wherein the winner can be recognized by knockout or checkmate.

  • Bo-Taoshi – Pole toppling or Bo-Taoshi is a unique sport from Japan that started in the 1940s. This is a type of sport wherein there’s a full-contact while capturing the flag. The flag is visible to the players, but there’s a giant pole surrounded by a group of 75 players and defending the flag not to be captured by the other team. The other team needs to attack and capture the flag on the pole of the opposing team. The team attacking the defenders of the flag should knock it for about a 30-degree angle comparative to the ground. Both teams can attack and defend simultaneously.

    Each team needs to topple down the pole of their opposing team. The first team who can topple down the pole of their opponent will be declared as a winner. This sport is fun and exciting since two teams need to prove that their strategies and tricks are better than their opponents’. At first, it became a training exercise for those Japanese military members since it inclines their endurance and overall strengths. This is now considered as one of the sports in school and even played during induction rites for the new cadets at the Academy of the National Defense in Japan.

These three sports mentioned above are just some of the unusual sports that many people don’t know yet. With a glimpse of how to do these sports, you may also know how to play these with other people. If you know some extraordinary sports in your town, let me also know your thoughts about sports. You can share your ideas by sharing them in the comment section.