Unfortunately, working at home isn’t as easy as it seems, especially to first-timers. Good thing there are these online tools, which people can use to lighten the burden and stress. There are several best tools for home office people can consider using to improve their production, efficiency, effectiveness, and focus. 

Some of these tools are available online for free, while others require payment. But either way, all of them can be very useful. It is just important to be able to know how to maximize the tool. Some of these tools are Discord, Todoist, Google Drive, and Dropbox. 


Looking for the best tools for the home office, which one can use to communicate with the team during working hours while at home? Discord is one of the best apps to use that will enable the user to talk to colleagues, friends, and even families over text, video, and even voice. 

Using this app won’t make us worry about how to jam with our friends during this pandemic anymore. Discord can let us hang out with different people, do meetings with our colleagues, and even attend special occasions without embracing the risks when going out. 


An effective app that could provide a secure place where users can access, store, manage, and share files, Google Drive is indeed a must-have for those who are working at home. This app acts like a vault that offers flexible storage options, which could perfectly cater to the company, group, or individual’s needs. 


Used by well-known companies and organizations such as Designit, Arizona State University, University of Florida, TOPPS, Lonely Planet, World Bicycle Relief, HEARST corporation, and Expedia, Dropbox is an online tool, which one can use for storage and sharing. By using Dropbox, a user can store his files on the platform and send it to his colleagues and friends. The tool is like a cloud that can allow the other party to download or save files sent to them no matter when or where they are. 


Working with a disorganized mind can be a great burden for someone who is at home, aiming to produce more. Given this reason, this tool, Todoist, is crucial to use. 

Ever since the tool was created in 2007, the company claims that over 1.5 billion tasks of different companies all around the world were completed with the use of their tool. It has been very helpful that even after 13 years of existence, Todoist is still considered one of the best tools for home office. People can use this tool not just to finish their tasks but also to clear their minds and regain their calmness while working and dealing with everyday stress.

Have you ever used these apps while working on your tasks? How was it? We encourage you to share your experience in the comment section below.