What is the point of Star Trek Discover? This question comes to the mind of those Star Treks fanatics out there.

Star Trek Discovery is a total waste, and it is meaningless. The characters and ships do not exist. The magic plot is fake, and the action scenes are hideous and don’t exist as well. The whole thing is a mess.

What is more, the resolution was openly and plainly, in no unsure terms, a submission to the detractors of the TV show. Star Trek Discovery, in fact, it has lots of detractors than supporters. The fans like to pretend the hater is the vocal alternative when by seemingly every metric. They have it precisely backward.

They revamped the shows for the second season. It was no longer a double centered show concerning a Klingon-Federation warfare, mirror universe, as well as bad characters. Klingon make up was modified, storytelling techniques were altered, main cast composition was altered, and it gave fans Spock- according to Akiva Goldsman, it would not happen.

For the third season, they have not just revamped the show; they have altered the whole show and stricken the previous season from franchise history. People raving over this are claiming this to be a radical and open decision. It is neither radical nor bold; it is cowardly and reactionary.

The writers of this series, in my own opinion, are hack frauds. They not just gave it to the detractors, but also wrote their personal show out of nowhere. These writers don’t care; maybe they are just doing their job to make the stories more interesting. But sad to say, it did not work out. Therefore, they just integrated the overwhelming chorus of grievances.

Honestly speaking, if you care about the whole story, I am looking forward to that, you know that you have been had. Not just a waste of your money and time commending this show, but the producers did not even care that you applauded it as they were busy reacting and replying to the complaints and critics, like us.

At the moment, I should say that I am glad they pay attention to people, and literally changed the whole thing we have spent two seasons complaining about. This is a type of you lost, we won refrain would be given, but we all lost. Not only us but Start Trek itself, had they lost two seasons of badly wasted as well as mismanaged resources. They also lost years of awful and terrible press. Star Trek also lost the semblance of being one of the best sci-fi shows. It was only a waste of our time, and we are all poorer in having experienced it.

Sadly, for Star Trek Discover producers, I am very disappointed by their decision. The episode was riotously bad, and a special mention to the director of this series for making an almost one hour of an incoherent mess. There is no visual information. Also, the character has no moments. You will surely notice the weirdly fetishized, badly timed close-ups such as his name was Mark Duplass. Seriously speaking, even when the story was good, the directing of the previous episodes has been remarkably, notably bad.

Anyway, at last, I can close the book on this and move on with my life. After all, this is what they want to do. So, in general, Star Trek Discovery resolution is bad. The plots and subplots are also bad. Bad sci-fi and bad characters, and the dialogue are annoying.

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