A single-player video game called High On Life is currently being created and released by Squanch Games. The game will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows on December 13, 2022. First-person shooter and Metroidvania game High On Life combines features of both genres. Players will use a broad range of tools and skills to move through a challenging world filled with adversaries and riddles. Along with character customization options, players will be able to unlock new skills as they advance in the game. High On Life claims to give a fun and demanding experience that will keep gamers interested for hours.


In a futuristic setting, the G3 Syndicate, a nefarious extraterrestrial cartel headed by Garmantuous, has kidnapped humans to use as narcotics. While taking on the role of a bounty hunter, the player must travel the cosmos utilizing special weapons known as Galatians to defend mankind from danger.


A cosmic bounty hunter is taking part in the war in outer space. The mission is to terminate the alien invasion and exterminate the enemies. The main task is to destroy all enemies, collect their bonuses, and get new weapons and powerful upgrades.


  • Squanch Games' first shooter is amazingly able to stake its own position within the genre thanks to a colorful and exotic scenario, gameplay that effectively utilizes its odd tools and a simple narrative that doesn't demand to be played forever.
  • High on Life enhances the genre rather than reinventing it because of its engaging gameplay and excellent scripting.
  • High On Life is, without a doubt, among the funniest games I've played recently and a terrific game to end the year with.
  • The most succinct way I can sum up this game is as Chex Quest meets Halo with scripting from Rick and Morty. Now, what you'll find in High on Life won't change that if Justin Roiland's voice and humor don't usually appeal to you. Even if there weren't many or they weren't a major concern, the bugs and crashes did have an effect on how much I enjoyed the game. I finished the universe Squanch Games created here in a matter of sittings since I was so engrossed in it. High On Life is one of the finest and funniest games I've played all year since it's a terrific journey with amazing shooting and a nasty tongue.
  • High on Life is an excellent first-person shooter/adventure game overall. The boss battles are challenging in their difficulty yet thrilling after you defeat someone. The action is fantastic. If there were more landscapes to explore, you would want to go back to each one to uncover mysteries after completing the exploring sections. If you like the humor, all of this is done at a decent length. Give yourself an additional point if you are a fan. Even if you don't enjoy the comedy, you should at least try the experience once.
  • High On Life is an excellent game that you should play.

All in all, the High on Life 2022 video games have a lot to offer gamers. With their unique and captivating storylines, engaging characters, and impressive visuals and soundtracks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s the classic first-person shooter or the immersive open-world adventure, High on Life 2022 has something for everyone. With the release of these games, the video game industry is sure to be reinvigorated once again.

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