Running a marathon is one of the thrilling and enjoyable activities you can do during your leisure time. If you are a jogger or a novice runner who is planning to experience running a marathon, then it is essential to train yourself first. Don’t run a marathon without doing any warm-up because it may give your body pain or injury during or after the marathon. You need to make sure that your body and overall physical health should be stable before a marathon.

Many people attend a marathon for it gives them the pleasure and satisfaction that they achieved something. Of course, this type of activity has proven to be beneficial to one’s mind and body as well. There are many reasons you must run a marathon, not just for the experience but also for strong physical stability. Below are some of the benefits that you may get out of running a marathon:

Improve your overall health 

Regular running can strengthen the heart by increasing your aerobic capacity. It also helps your cholesterols and blood pressure to be well-balanced. Running a marathon would also help your immune system and strengthen your body muscles. Aside from that, it encourages your body to strengthen muscle fibers in order to combat fatigue. This will eventually help you in building power and strength in your body.

Provide better sleep

Marathon can be quite exhausting, especially to the newbies. Once you started training for a marathon, you will surely crave more sleep. Your body wants to go to bed and take a rest after running since you’re drained from doing it.

Provide toned legs

The majority of the runners want to do this activity since they are after losing weight. However, it does not always happen. Though you don’t lose weight after running for how many kilometers, this may help you enhance muscle mass and have toned legs.

Helps in burning calories to your body 

Running a marathon can help you burn thousands of calories from your body. This may somehow help you to improve your physical health status.

Reduces stress

There are some researches suggesting that running while experiencing stress could help you better handle the challenges of life by developing your mental resilience.

Improves motivation 

If you are about to train yourself prior to the marathon schedule, then you start embracing the essence of what you are doing. This somehow provides you with a good determination and motivation to stick to your training schedules since the “marathon day” is already approaching.

Meeting new acquaintances

Joining a marathon is one of the ways on how you can meet new friends in the group. In fact, some runners meet new friends through running groups. This may give you a great fun and excitement while engaging in this said activity.

Improves your personal development

At some point, the thrill of running a marathon is more about boosting your confidence. For say, if you finished the 20-mile marathon, then you feel satisfied that you achieved something. Thus, this may boost your self-confidence, which may have a domino-effect to some other aspects like relationships and work.


We can never deny the fact that running a marathon provides both physical and mental health. Aside from these benefits and advantages that you may get from running, it always provides great satisfaction and fun to the runners. You may not notice enjoyment while doing the activity, for it comes naturally; however, it is a good indication that you are doing this activity because there are so much fun and excitement.

So, do you also want to run a marathon? Have you tried it before? You may also give your opinions about running a marathon by sharing your experience in the comment section. Let me know how it helps you to achieve something unusual in your life.