The online marketing landscape of business has always been ever-changing. They may be enjoying organic social reach now, and the next day they won't. If there is one thing sure, though, is that social media platforms are urging businesses to make use of the paid promotions and ads to better leverage their online reach.

But it does not mean that you also need to join the bandwagon just to boost your social reach on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Fortunately, there are cost-effective ways to do it without shelling out too much money for paid ads and promotions.

Understand The Algorithms Of Different Social Media

It is best to immerse yourself with the different algorithms that each social platform has. Understanding its algorithm is the first step to move farther and get the most from using a specific social media platform.

It must be noted that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter differ when it comes to their algorithms. Facebook puts too much emphasis on the content being shared with your circle of influence, such as relatives and friends. The rationale behind this is to encourage "meaningful interactions" among its users. These interactions include leaving a comment on a post or sharing the said content that they have seen.

Social Profile Optimization

We usually associate optimization with content. But optimization is also applicable when it comes to social profiles. Social profiles optimization is important in increasing your profile's visibility, which will result in greater overall reach. Some of the ways to optimize your profile are to use a username with recall., a recognizable logo or image, a profile description rich in keywords, and a link leading to your visitors to your websites.

As much as possible, if you have different social profiles on various social platforms, you make it consistent in all those profiles. It helps the people to recognize your brand at once, even on different social platforms that they might be using.

Quality vs. Quantity

Posting incessantly in your social profile will not assure you that you will get the maximum reach that you are expecting. Facebook, for example, does not work that way. In fact, Facebook limits 300 relevant stories to be displayed to a user's dashboard. Doing so will ensure that meaningful interaction can be derived rather than just a case of non-stop scrolling.

That said, it is vital to only post-quality-rich and relevant content for your audience to interact with. It can generate more social reach rather than posting spammy content that may only push your followers away from interacting with your brand online. As a rule of thumb, posting two content twice a day is a good practice.

Focus On Timing

Even though you have the quality content to post but are not aware of the right time when to post, it will still be a futile attempt. It takes trial and error to finally get the right time to post on the chosen social media platform you have. To make this task easier, you can check your profile analytics and see when you normally get more interactions from all your postings.

Engage With The Audience

We cannot avoid underscoring how engagement plays a critical role when it comes to boosting social reach on social media. By interacting with your audience, you are not just showing the credibility of your brand but also making them feel appreciated. And when more comments are coming in because of the constant interaction, it will prove to other people's feed. And it will benefit you in the long run.


Do you have any other tips on how to boost your social media reach? Maybe you can help some aspiring influencers! Write them down in the comments!