The Steam Deck is one of those handheld devices designed to play games in one’s Steam library. Fundamentally, its aim is to become the PC gaming’s Nintendo Switch. Based on leaked benchmarks as of late, as well as hands-on experience, it looks like the device is living up to what it has promised. But is Steam Deck a real competition for the Nintendo Switch?

Let’s get to know what is Steam Deck

This Steam Deck was developed by the Valve Corporation and is an upcoming handheld gaming computer. It is promoted that Steam Deck is like portable PC gaming that brings steam games and features that have powerful and convenient form factor you can have wherever you go. This new Steam Deck has the newest AAA games and is said to work really well – Comfortable full controls and long play sessions. It is also versatile as you can connect it to a big screen and do the things like what you do on PC.

The Steam Deck is a7 inch touchscreen, which you can touch and swipe. It is because of its Steam UI display that is multi-touch. You can also have the chance to enjoy PC games that are not intended to play in handheld. With its augmented accuracy and customizability, the trackpad also gives a modest edge while enjoying fast-paced games. Also, with its IMU and touch thumbsticks, this helps you to have a better goal. This can happen by properly placing the device in the right positioning. You will have more precise movements with the use of a thumbstick and or the trackpad alone.

It features a built-in storage of 64 GB eMMC, 256 GB SSD and or 512 GB NVMe SSD. Suppose you want more space built-in storage with a microSD card. The stereo speakers of the Steam deck are great. It has an entrenched DSP that offers a clear and wide soundstage to give a great hearing experience. You can also connect your favorite earpiece or use the onboard microphone to chat or talk to your friends. For the usage, Steam Deck has a battery life which is 40-watt that gives more hours to play, which is good for 7 to 8 hours of play.

You can also connect it to the WIFI and Bluetooth. It has a fast suspend and resume feature to put your game on pause or set it on sleep mode. By simply pushing the button, you can turn it on or off easily. Another great about the Steam deck is that you can use it as PC software. You can browse on the web, watch streaming videos, and do whatever you want, like playing ad installing games and more. The Deck can also be plugged into the TV monitor if you have the right cables. Then you can put up and watch movies all you want.