If you probably know the proper foods to take and the right treatments to do, you can certainly help your skin to be healthy during the winter months. If you’re longing for some essential ways and methods that would help for your overall skin improvement, then you may try these 7 tips for skin care that were listed below:

  1. Consume collagen

    One of the best ways to improve your skin is to make more collagen. Collagen is indeed a type of protein on your skin that provides good-looking. There’s a study from the “Nutrients” that collagen essentially enhances skin hydration, roughness, density, and elasticity. You may get some collagen in a natural way by eating foods such as offal, whole chicken, or bone broth. Aside from that, you may also take some collage capsules or powder to add a supplement to your diet. 
  2. Turn on some humidifier at home

    Once the temperature declines, the heat suddenly goes up inside. This decreases the moisture level in the air, which causes your skin to get dry. By using humidifiers at home, then the moisture level will be back onto the air. Thus, this may help you restore the humidity inside your house during dry winter days. You may also opt to utilize some essential oils such as chamomile, sandalwood, or lavender, which provide healing properties for your skin surface. Besides, these essential oils can make you feel comfortable while staying at home because they add fragrance to your surroundings. 
  3. Practice Abhyanga

    Ayurveda is one of the healing systems on your whole body commonly used in India. And Abhyanga is said to be a crucial element of Ayurveda. If you practice Abhyanga, you can provide an important treatment to your skin, resulting in a great balance and comfort on your body. Through practicing Abhyanga, you can do self-massaging your skin using essential oils. 
  4. Soak on the hot bath

    Hot bath provides healing power to your skin. In fact, most of the countries that have cold weather have spas and saunas where they can relax. Spas and saunas would help them to maintain your healthy skin even during the winter season. It is advisable to bathe and steam yourself from 15-20 minutes to help to moisturize the skin. 
  5. Eat seasonally

    You can opt to eat nutritious foods and vegetables that work for your skin improvement. Some of the foods or vegetables that you may eat are carrots, kale, parsnips, red cabbage, radish, Brussel sprouts, and others. 
  6. Take lots of vitamin D

    Vitamin D is also known as “sunshine vitamin.” This kind of vitamin provides exceptional health benefits and advantages to your overall skin appearance. You will surely have a glowing skin once there’s enough vitamin D in your body. Generally, the human body produces this kind of vitamin through sunlight absorption. However, during winter, most people will prefer to stay inside their house due to the cold weather. As a result, they become deficient in this essential nutrient. As an alternative, you just need to eat some sorts of foods that contain vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in wild mushrooms, egg yolk, herring, and salmon. If you want, you may also take some sorts of supplements containing this vitamin. 
  7. Apply some natural butter

    There are some products with natural ingredients that you can use to restore your healthy skin. During the winter season, you may consider natural butter such as kokum, shea, coconut, or almond butter. Apply these butter after bathing or showering, especially on the dry patches of your skin. 

With these 7 steps mentioned above, you can now have the best procedures for skin care and improvement during the winter months. If you know some other ways to improve your skin surface during the winter season, then feel free to share your opinions by adding your ideas to the comment section.