Remember when we discussed the importance of colours in our design studies? Well, believe it or not, there is still more to learn about colour. It turns out there are many different kinds of colours. From the subtle to the energetic, there is a lot to it. And if you are not familiar with it yet, you are probably wondering what the hottest colours are in 2022. So here are the hottest colours of 2022, which surely these colours will be trendy.

  • An Earthy Tones

We have all seen that beautiful red and blue grayscale gradient on the status bar of our phone (or even on the screen - it's always the same shade of Gray), right? Well, there's a reason for that. It's the colour of "Earth-tone." Earth tone is a term used to describe a colour that is a mix of green and black and is often a mix of shades of Gray. Earth tones include things such as whites, tans, browns, and, of course, black. What may come as a surprise is that Earth tones can also be a great base for subtle gradients.

  • A Deep Aubergine

The hottest, most demanded colours are black, deep aubergine, and light gold this year. Deep aubergine is the colour of the future, and it will be used in all future designs, right down to the clothes we wear. While it is a lesser-known colour, its fans are devoted and even die-hard.

  • A Warm Neutrals

"Warm neutrals" are the colours of the year and the coolest tones in fashion. They are the best alternative to the usual black and white that dominates every space in our lives. Neutrals are everywhere. From your favourite fashion brands to the latest diet trends, neutrals are the new black. But while they may be the new big thing, this trend has been around for quite some time. And while it didn't quite go mainstream in the 80s and 90s like so many other fashion trends, neutrals have consistently been making a comeback, with designers such as Rodarte, Prabal Gurung, and Proenza Schouler, among others, especially popularising this trend.

  • A Chartreuse

Chartreuse is the hot colour of the year—it's a greenish colour and the hottest colour ever! The colour is named after the Chartreuse liqueur, a green liqueur made from the tender leaves of the gentian plant. The colour can be made in many different shades, but the hot colour of this year is a bright, chartreuse green that is attracting attention from many different parts of the world!

  • A Citron

Citron is a colour inspired by the colour of a lemon. Citron is a warm, vibrant green-blue colour. It is the colour of a bright and sunny day in summer, a yellow-green outfit in Autumn, and an innocent blue-green colour for a calm Spring. The beautiful colour of Citron can be found in our homes, offices, and smartphones. It is one of the hottest colours of the year 2022.

Bright colours seem to be making a huge comeback in this year's fashion market, with designers and trendsetters embracing the bold, vibrant hues to create some of the most exciting looks to be seen on runways this season. That being said, the trend has also taken a much broader turn, with colour-block designs and oversized prints appearing in street-style trends and accessories collections.