How You Can Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets 

When I first moved to my new home, I had oak cabinets, and they did not float my boat, but since we didn’t have enough money to hire a person to get our kitchen re-done, I lived with the oak cabinets. 

After I few years passed, I just could not stand the look of the oak cabinets anymore. There was a lot of furniture that I had painted successfully, so for me. I knew that I could paint my cabinets. Painting my oak cabinets will just take a much longer time than the other types of furniture that I painted. 

My cabinets had these wooden doors as well as fronts, though their sides were made out of laminate so that it will look like it is oak and were a bit lighter in terms of color. The sides of the cabinets were also recessed from the front, leaving the right amount of space where I can add the beadboard to the cabinet’s sides without having a hard time adding a finished trim.

There are different kinds of tools and décor that you can use for your cabinet, and a bit of advice that I can give for you right now is to have patience and take as much time as you need since you want to do it right. Painting my cabinet took the whole three weeks. 

When it comes to painting your kitchen furniture or any type of furniture inside your home, it is not that hard to do. As I told you before, you should have patience and not hurry. If you want to make sure that painting your kitchen makeover DIY- Project is successful, you can also go on a search engine like Google to do some research about painting. Searching for more information about painting is also very important, especially for people who have no idea how to paint furniture.

Furniture Foil Cover For The Kitchen Makeover DIY-Project

Now, we have finished discussing the paint. Let us move on to furniture foil. I have never tried furniture foil before because I am scared of the outcome and thought that it was a complicated process, but furniture foil is easy to handle. 

So, the first thing that you need to do is wipe your furniture clean. This is also an important step in painting your furniture. The tools that you are going to need for this kitchen makeover DIY- Project is glue, sponge brushes, water and a bowl for mixing, and lastly, your aluminum foil. Keep in mind that sponge brushes should be high- quality since the ones that are low in quality break easily. As for the foil, you should purchase the heavy-duty kind.

After you have gathered you the things needed, pour the glue in the bowl, and it is optional whether you want to add in water or not. Apply the glue by the medium thickness and let this substance dry halfway before you start to put the furniture foil on top. If there is excess glue, make sure to wipe them away.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There is nothing really much about the advantages and disadvantages of a painting of covering your kitchen furniture with foil. 

If you have a pet cat, it is important to keep them away while you are doing work since they are very sensitive when it comes to the crackling of the foil.