• SeedProd

    If you’re looking for speed and convenience with a good outcome, then you should definitely consider using seedpod. Sadly, it’s not free and can be used when you pay a certain amount for it. Once you do decide you get it, you will be given many options for your website. They even provide you with premade templates for landing pages such as coming soon pages, 404 pages, and a whole lot more.

    Not only does it make building your website faster and easier, but it will also make sure that your website and pages are the fastest, which will allow you to be ranked higher in SEO, which means a lot more people will probably click on your website. So, needless to say, Seedprod is probably one of the best WordPress page builders there is in the market today. 
  • Elementor

    Elementor is a live WordPress page builder, which pretty much means that when you make a change to your website, you will be able to see it immediately without Like Seedprod, Elementor is also very easy to use and convenient. Elementor is a pretty popular. Elementor does have a free option, but you can also go prog by paying some money for it. The interface is also very easy to navigate and just easy to use. I’m pretty sure that you can figure everything out with just a few clicks. 

    When you use Elementor, you also get widgets that enables you to tailor your website. Should you go for the free version of this WordPress page builder, you will get 28 free widgets. But if you want to use the paid version, you will be given a lot more options. You’ll get 30 more widgets making it 58 in total. 

  • Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder is another drag and drops WordPress page builder. With a simple and easy interface, you can figure out pretty much everything almost immediately. If you’re someone who is new to making their own websites and blogs, then I’m sure that using Beaver Builder is definitely a good idea. Like the others I’ve mentioned, Beaver builder also provides premade or prebuilt pages that you can use if you’re unable to make your own.

    Beaver Builder also provides a free version that gives you 6 modules or things to do or change about the site that you’re making. But it also does have a premium version, which provides you with 30 modules as well as 56 different page templates that you can use whenever you want. Beaver Builder is perfect for beginners. It’s easy and simple and does not need much effort at all. 

So, what did you think about these three different WordPress page builders or plugins? If you’ve used all of them, then would you agree that these three are the best plugins for making a website out there? I’m sure you’ve noticed, but every single WordPress page builder I mentioned are drag and drop plugins. How do you feel about drag and drop plugins and the top three WordPress page builders I mentioned? Tell us more in the comment section below.