How to Build an Insect Friendly Garden

If you think that insects will just destroy your garden, you better think again. A lot of gardeners can prove that insects aren’t destroyers. In fact, these are beneficial for a garden, and if you own one, it would be best to lure insects but only the ben..


How You Can Protect Yourself from Gnats

A lot of gnats love the smell of rotten food. It is their main choice as a place to breed and eat. This is why you see them often around your garbage bins and sink drains. Most likely, they are busy laying eggs there. Also, they seem to like over watered ..


How to Build Your Own Insect Hotel

Insects are a vital part of any ecosystem and can provide many benefits to humans, such as pollination and pest control. However, many species of insects are in decline due to habitat loss. One way to help these declining populations is by providing them ..

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