Game creators start to transfer different video games from a desktop computer, console, and mobile phones to the cloud. That being said, telecoms also begin to adjust for the latest demands on the technology.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming, which is also called by many as gaming on demand, will enable gamers to play and stream their favorite video games from the cloud directly rather than doing it on a gaming device or any other hardware.
The idea of cloud gaming is just the same on streaming a video or movie content from Hulu or Netflix on your TVs. But with cloud gaming, the available contents are all related to video gaming. It will enable you to play and stream HD games. But to do this, you need to comply with a few requirements.

How Does Cloud Gaming Work

To use cloud gaming, you need to pick your preferred subscription service. Each of the services is composed of a wide array of games you can play and stream. The following are some of the top cloud gaming services you might consider;

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Games
  • Simplay
  • Paperspace
  • LiquidSky
  • Vortex
  • Shadow
  • Parsec
  • PlayStation Now
  • GeForce Now

Keep in mind that different cloud gaming services have different price ranges and benefits. Thus, it would be a great idea if you are going to perform your own research to determine which annual or monthly subscription model is perfect for you.
After you have chosen your preferred service, the next thing you need to consider is the internet connection. This is because a stable internet connection is necessary to have full access to the remote server. Thus,  it is important to have a fast and stable internet connection that will help you to enjoy your game streaming without experiencing any interruption.
Second, you will need a streaming device to view the gaming content. You will also need a number of hardware where you will put your playing commands. If you have a console, you might consider buying a controller. If you are using your mobile phone, you can use it for command input and content delivery as well. Lastly, you can use a keyboard and mouse if you are using a computer.

The Popularity of Cloud Gaming

Many people are starting to love cloud gaming because of the quality gaming experience it gives. It enables every gamer who don’t have numerous device or hardware to play great through the cloud without a high latency. The new gaming technology will not just benefit different cloud gaming service providers. It will also benefit the whole gaming industry.

Is Cloud Gaming the Future?

Many experts expect that cloud gaming can reach a wide number of gaming enthusiasts for the next five more years. It attracts gamers who have device or hardware limitations but can still provide excellent gaming experience.
If this is your first time to enter the gaming industry, you don’t have to worry about cloud gaming since it is very user-friendly. You might be asking if cloud gaming is the future, well, we also think so. But there are some arguments, saying that it has a lack of adoption.
According to the SuperData study, there are 8 gamers out of 10 who know that cloud gaming exists. But there is only 26 percent of gamers who are planning to use cloud gaming.


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