The frame may be off, or you couldn’t get into your desired pose just before the timer counts to zero, or you couldn’t properly focus your camera. It’s a hassle, really, to take a beautiful self-portrait.

With these five simple and easy-to-do tips, however, find yourself having the right self-portrait in your gallery in no time! You’ll be nothing but satisfied with the self-portraits you took, and you’re sure to hold more hassle-free self-portrait shooting sessions in the future.

1. Have the perfect equipment for self-portraits

The camera isn’t the only thing you’ll be needing when doing self-portraits. There is a lot of equipment you should have with you if you want to have a fabulous self-portrait.

Tripods are essential if you want to mount your camera. It provides extra height and can be adjusted if you want your camera to be at a medium level, too. Any tripod will do, as long as it’s sturdy.

After you’ve equipped yourself with a tripod, you should have a camera remote so that you could capture pictures without touching the camera itself and without setting a timer. This provides you less hassle when shooting, and prevents the camera from shaking, too.

Do tethered shooting—this means that you would have to connect a computer to your camera as you shoot. The photos would immediately be saved to the computer instead of a memory card. You can also keep an eye for any adjustments needed with the photo, as well—with the use of the camera. You can make these adjustments before pressing down to shoot.

Lastly, always go for a good lighting. Most people would settle with the flash that comes with their camera, but that isn’t really a great tactic. Find an affordable work light and use it during your shoots for a better lighting.

2. Be creative with your ideas

Honestly, in any field of art, the hardest part would be to create ideas—photographers struggle a lot with it, as well. If you find yourself stuck, try starting with little, simple photographs—that itself could be a big step to a whole lot more ideas.

Settle with what you have inside your house, and try to pose with it. You can cover half of your face with these objects, or perhaps just play with it as you shoot. Try finding a theme you would want to go with, such as black-and-white pictures or close-ups.

3. Work on your backdrop

The two most important things in pictures are the subject, which would be you, and the backdrop. Feel free to use any space of your room; do a photoshoot on your bed as you’re surrounded by pillows, or perhaps in the kitchen as if you’re pretending to be a cook.

Backdrops don’t always have to be extravagant, too. You can have minimalistic photoshoots. Posing at the corner of your room could always work, as well.

4. Make sure to put on your best wardrobe

What you wear adds an extra flair to the ambiance of your shoots! Make sure it matches with the theme you have in mind, along with the backdrop that you’ve already prepared.

Just like the backdrop, it doesn’t have to be too extra—it depends on your theme and what you would want to portray to your audience. Your wardrobe helps a lot in making your picture look more fabulous than ever.

5. Never disregard your facial expressions

Your facial expressions help a lot in carrying the message of your photo. Stare intently at the camera, or perhaps avoid it and stare into space as if you’re in deep thought.

Your backdrop, wardrobe, and facial expressions are the main keys to bringing more life to your photos. Be goofy if you have a fun theme going on in your shoot, or rather you sport a small, sophisticated style if you’re opting for a more elegant feel.