The Pyramids are among the amazing wonders of the world. These pyramids are not really standalones but were part of a group of buildings comprised of chapels, tombs, temples, massive walls, and more. These pyramids are steeped in mysteries, rich in history and miraculous structurally even up to these days. If you learn more about the pyramids, you will realize that there are many more things about them that are highly interesting and fascinating.

So, why are the pyramids so fascinating? The following are just a few of the many reasons why Egyptian pyramids fascinate people for long years now:


Amazing Architecture


One of the fascinating things about pyramids is its amazing and impressive architecture, the processes involved, and how quickly the technology was significantly developed. The blocks are transported through floating them; however, the works in cutting them, fitting them, and raising them are extraordinary.


From the very first explorations and experiments up to the completed masterpiece, everything was handled perfectly. The accuracy can never be underrated. Stones are interlocking, and these are raised at the right angle, so pyramids were made to be earthquake-proof. The level and alignment are better than other skyscrapers. The passageways and chambers also have a reinforced cap structure. It has been said that time can mock all, but the pyramids can mock time.


Newest Emerging Mysteries


There are some films and shows which delve to Egyptian lore, and these are not alone in modern entertainment. Even games usually use ancient Pyramids as a backdrop. There is this one game called the Treasure Nile, which somehow describes why pyramids are fascinating and intriguing even up to these years. Game description somehow talks about the mysteries of the Pyramids of Egypt.


Pyramids Withstood the 12th Century Attack


With all the games, movies, and more that delved in the history which surrounds the pyramid, there are still a lot more things that make pyramids more fascinating. Pyramids have withstood the 12th century attack, and this is quite impressive. At some point in time, a sultan named Al-Aziz tried to destroy the pyramids but failed in doing so. Think about how great the pyramids were. Even powerful rulers with vast resources who are determined to destroy the structures that were built thousands of years never succeed in demolishing it.


The Pyramid’s Height


Pyramids might not compare to the tallest structures in the world, but for thousands of years, these have remained massive and tallest structures ever made by humans. This man-made structure remains the tallest in the world from 2560BC to 1311AD, and this is a period of about 3, 871 years. It is, therefore, just fair to say that pyramids hold a record that can’t be beaten easily.


Stones Weighing More than the Elephants


Imagine those times with no modern machinery, and there aren’t even forklifts and cranes. These were the times when the pyramids were created using stones weighing about 5 to 10 tons per piece. These stones were hoisted and then laid one by one above one another. You can only imagine the way the process was carried on. This is something that fascinates people even up to now.


Ancient Yet Incredible Air Conditioner


Are you still looking for more reasons, why are the pyramids so fascinating? These extraordinary ancient structures, despite harsh and changing temperatures day and night, pyramids maintain the same temperature inside, which is 20 degrees Celsius. So these pyramids are considered old yet incredible air conditioner.


Pyramids have fascinated travelers, historians, and even ordinary individuals who get to know about these wonders of the world. These continue to fascinate tourists and archeologists who take time to visit, measure, explore, and describe the pyramids.