Here are five of the most desirable beaches in Europe if you are planning to go on a vacation: 

Our Lady Beach at Porquerolles, France

Do you love beaches? Do you love France? Do you love summer? If so, you’ll love this beach! Located at Porquerolles on the west coast of France, it has beautiful white sand, clear blue waters, and 300-year-old cedars growing right up to its edge. Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, golfing, browsing in the local shops, or simply relaxing. The beach is perfect if you want to spend the day sunbathing, swimming, or snorkeling, or if you want to relax with a drink in hand.

Calo des Moro at Mallorca, Spain

The sea is a powerful force that can both destroy and protect. It can destroy anything when it assaults the coast in a massive hurricane, but it can also protect by protecting our livelihoods. When a hurricane arrives in the north of Mallorca, the sea is the power that destroys the coast, but the sea is also the power that protects the coast by protecting its coastline. In Mallorca, this is known as the ‘calo des moros’ (the ‘Seal of the Moors’), which is a phrase that can be found written in several places in Mallorca. If you want to have a nice and fine beach vacation, the Calo des Moro in Mallorca, Spain, is the best place to go. 

Navagio Beach at Zakynthos, Greece

During my summer vacation in Greece, I managed to make it to the Navagio Beach at Zakynthos, Greece. The beach can be found on the south island of Zakynthos, one of the Ionian Islands, in the northeast corner of the Peloponnese. The beach is named after the Navagio Narrows, a man-made channel that runs perpendicular to the shore. The channel is 1600 meters long and wide enough for two ships to pass through at the same time.

Sveti Stefan Beach in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan Beach is located on the Montenegrin coast just outside of Bar, Montenegro. It’s the perfect place for families looking for some fun in the sun. The beach is not too far from Podgorica but is still only a 45-minute drive from the capital. The beach is located in a protected area and is home to a series of underwater caves. The area is also known as a great spot to spot dolphins, sea turtles, and fish. A beach is a popular place for families looking to take a break from the city.

Oludeniz Beach in Turkey

Located in the south of Turkey’s southernmost province of Antalya, Oludeniz Beach is arguably the most popular beach in the country. The sandy beach is located just west of Antalya’s resort town of Kemer. This is another great destination that you can consider if you are looking for a nice beach vacation in Europe. This beach in Turkey can give you the most remarkable vacation ever.