Big Sur 

Big Sur gives the user a new experience, the visual quality is spruced up, apple introduced a new design and feature changes, but you’ll find it rather familiar if you are a Mac Os user. Is Big Sur a great update to use in your MacBook’s? Don’t worry. We will discuss some tips and guides to help you learn about the new features of this Os.


Here are some of the features of Mac Os Big Sur

  • Solid New Design – Mac OS Big Sur has a new design but rather familiar to the previous version. The user interface gives the user a new experience and feel.  Minor tweaks, Icons, toolbars, fonts, menu bar, and much more has been redesigned to be more useful and welcoming to the user.  As a whole, the new update promises to be a good OS.
  • Security and privacy – Apple has added a number of features that will protect the user’s privacy from malicious activities. Big Sur Safari included a report button that will help the user in tracking their data. Safari keeps track of your password and data to check if your data had been compromised in a data breach. 
  • Usage of Battery – Mac Os Big Sur provides a battery display graph of the usage history; thus, it helps the user track how much battery percentage you’re getting. This software update provides details on the device’s battery life. Also, apple added optimized battery charging or battery optimization to help the battery improve its life span.
  • Control Center – In this software update, apple redesigned the control center. It’s much more functional and easier to use.  The Quick access menu is really useful and rather convenient for the user. You can access common settings with ease such as dark mode, Wi-Fi, Airdrop, Bluetooth, and so much more. Its fully customizable so the user can make the most out of it. 
  • Messages – Messaging app plays a big part in a man’s everyday life. Mac OS Big Sur has done a major update and gave it more function. It has the same functionality as Messages for IOS. It now supports IOS features like a pinned conversation, send stickers and emojis, share photos, location, and much more. Overall it made the message less boring and functional. 

There are many cool features added to this software. Those are some of the top 5 features of Mac OS Big that will give you an insight and idea about the Mas OS Big Sur.

Big Sur Pros

  • Tidy User interface – Display had been redesigned looks more tidy and neat new icons and much more. Talk about overhauling the design. Apple has done a great job in the graphical display.
  • Messaging functionality and less boring – message in the Mac OS Big Sur got IOSified it gives the same function in IOS like pinning conversation, emoji, and etc.
  • Battery Information – Mac OS Big Sur provides a battery graph that helps the user to track the battery usage. Apple added optimized battery charging that will improve the battery lifespan.

Big Sur Cons

  • Compatibility issues – some apps or third party software are not compatible/
  • Lagging and freezing – some device has this problem it’s a common issue in other users.
  • Apple Products are Expensive – let’s face it apple product like MacBook is expensive and maintaining it can be expensive.


Some users may find bugs and issues in Mac OS Big Sur. These problems are related to malfunctioning and troubleshooting issues, but other than that, it’s a welcoming change. New Display, added more functions, and much more.