Contact Lenses 

These contact lenses are also known as corrective lenses if worn in contact with the eyes. Contact lenses can be used in correcting vision problems such as astigmatism and long and short-sightedness. But unlike eye surgery, contact lenses are not long term solutions, and you will need to re-purchase them and clean them every day. 

Contact lenses have some advantages over glasses though these cannot give all the benefits of eye surgery. 


  • Contact lenses are excellent alternatives in case you do not like glasses 
  • These offer a better field of view than the glasses and conform to the eye curvature. You won’t, therefore, have frames that get in the way of your vision 
  • Contact lenses give you the freedom to be more active. When it comes to activities, contact lenses are said to less restrictive than the glasses. 


  • Contact lenses are not a permanent solution, and you will need to pay and wear them in order to see the effects 
  • There might be risks of infection



The glasses are the most common and also one of the most effective vision correction forms. These are fashionable and customized individually. Glasses can correct each vision need. 


  • Glasses offer accurate and clear vision at a cheaper cost 
  • These can also protect the eyes from injuries 
  • Most individuals wear glasses, and these are available to purchase everywhere
  • Glasses are unlikely to cause side effects and safe to use
  • There are different glasses to choose from to help you manage vision problems 


  • Wearing glasses can sometimes be uncomfortable
  • Glasses can also create barriers, and your vision may not always be sharp and clear


Eye Surgery 

This is another vision correction solution that corrects short and long-sightedness as well as astigmatism. Eye surgery reduces the patients’ dependence to contact lenses and glasses. 


  • Eye surgery is a long term solution, unlike the lenses and glasses that need to be regularly replaced. Changes in the eyes during the eye treatment will also be permanent. 
  • Another advantage of eye surgery is increased freedom. With eye surgery, you don’t need to bring glasses or contacts with you, and you can enjoy activities that you can’t do if you have your glasses or contacts on. 
  • Eye surgery can also boost your confidence. 
  • With this option, there will be fewer risks of infections. 


  • You might experience halo or glare effect after the surgery 
  • You may find your eyes slightly dry and uncomfortable after the eye surgery 

Upon learning the differences of glasses or contact lenses or even eye surgery and the advantages and disadvantages each eye solution provides, it would be easier for you to choose the one that is right for your needs and your situation.