In making jewelry, you need materials. It differs whether you’re making a cheap jewelry or a pricey one. If you want to make your own jewelry, you need basic materials such as polymer clay resin, gold, silver, bronze, beads, metal, and etc. Where to find the material and where to use it is rather simple to do some research. You can buy Jewelry supplies anywhere today in online stores and physical stores for jewelry, but buying in an online store poses a great risk of getting scammed. 

These are some of the materials in making your own jewelry.

  • Polymer clay: Polymer clay is a molding material composed of polymers, coloring agent, fillers and resin its popular to use in jewelry
  • Gold and Silver: Silver and Gold are used in many jewelry pieces, from cheap to pricey ones. Gold and silver are common to use in any jewelry.
  • Beads: Beads are made in different materials such as resin polymer and wood. Beads are popular because it’s cheap and it is beautiful.
  • Stainless steel: This material is not popular to use in jewelry, but it does exist. Some jewelry craftsmen use it.
  • Copper: The cheapest metal to use in jewelry. Pieces made of this are considered to have a healing effect.
  • Brass: Good for making bracelets and earrings. Over time it tends to tarnish.

Those are some just of the materials you will need in making your own jewelry. Of course, you will also need tools to make jewelry. Prepare to tools you will need. It will help you to make your own jewelry beautiful and faster.

Basic Tools

There are many kinds of tools in making jewelry, from advanced tools to basic. Many jewelry artisans recommend these basic tools

  • Wire Cutters: a basic tool must have in making jewelry. It allows you to cut stringing wires, headpins, etc. Anyone have this in their home. 
  • Bead Stopper: as the name implies, it keeps the beads in place. This tool can help you save a lot of time.
  • Round nose pliers: It’s best used in making round edges. It makes a perfect loop; it’s a must-have tool for jewelry makers.
  • Chain nose pliers: Used for closing and opening jump rings, its perfect for gripping jewelry
  • Head Pins: also used in keeping beads in place.

Methods and Materials

There are different options to make your own jewelry. It depends on your budget and preferences in what methods you will use. Several methods, like string beads and make wires and molding them to different shapes and styles. Knotting techniques, stringing techniques, and basic methods are recommended for a newbie jewelry maker. These are some of the methods and techniques used by jewelry maker

  • Stringing
  • Wire Work 
  • Bail
  • Knotting
  • Cord 
  • Loom
  • Sawing
  • Metalwork
  • Coiling and twisting 
  • Painting and Antiquing 

The world of jewelry making is really amazing. It’s a very rewarding and a different experience if you can make one. Indeed, there many mediums and methods in making jewelry. But it doesn’t really mean that important whether you have a pricey jewelry and a priceless jewelry. The important thing is that it makes you happy. Different options to make your own jewelry, whether it’s handmade or with the help of machine and technology jewelry is indeed beautiful and wonderful in anyone’s eye.