We all have similar problems when it comes to remembering our passwords. With all the sites and accounts that we have, it is really hard to keep track and remember all of them. Of course, we all want never to forget passwords again, right? We want all our accounts to safe and secure and remember the passwords to every account. Here are ways on how we can never forget our passwords ever again.

Using Password Management Tools

In 2017, the rules for the best practices were changed. NIST suggests that the website should stop continuously requiring changing passwords, to eliminate the complexity rules when it comes to passwords for it to be in favor with passphrases, and finally, support the use of password-management tools. The acceptance of these guidelines is still unclear and is still being reviewed.
Whether this will pass or not, generally, what I am trying to imply is that we should apply the use of password managers. This will help you in making sure that you have an effective password that, at the same time, you can look up once you forget.

Avoid Random Keypresses

One thing you should never do is use random passwords like typing random keypresses that you will find hard to remember. Being as random as it is, the password has no significance to you, which will make you forget it immediately. Use passwords with words and numbers that have a certain value to you so that you will remember it at all times. An example of random key-pressing is typing “djfnujsdfue” or similar. You have to choose a password that is both effective and can easily be remembered.

Application-Based Technique

For some of us that memorizing and remembering is not our thing; there are applications you can use for you to secure and save your passwords.


This is an app we can use for securing and generating our passwords automatically. Dashlane is a password securing app that can help you in managing your passwords with the assurance that all are safe and secure.


Keepass is an app that supports the download option being a portable application. This would mean that it doesn’t require to be installed when you run it and save your passwords both on and offline using a secure database. All you have to do is remember the master password.


A great feature of this password keeping app is its travel option. We can wipe passwords as you travel then retrieve it right after. This is a useful option that, in any case, your device be confiscated by authorities during boarding. We can be sure that your passwords are safe.


We can be sure that our passwords are safe and secure with this app. In any case that we forget passwords, it has a unique secured sharing feature that allows us to share passwords to trusted family and friends.

Password Safe

This app is developed by a noted security researcher that has made it a tool that is simple to use but very effective. It features an encrypted safe which can store passwords, along with other important information such as pins, email logins, numbers, website logins, software keys, and many more.

Edge, Firefox and Chrome

These three popular browsers have functions that offer fairly secure ways of storing all essential passwords and usernames that we use for websites when you enter them for the first time. Although, this solution is can only be used for online passwords and not for offline ones.

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